Sunday, July 26, 2009

Biography of Bruce Lee will be aired More Details


Hong Kong - and women sister brother Bruce Lee is planning akan film biography of legendary kungfu expert. They promised the history of the life of Bruce Lee will be more accurate in the film ini.Phoebe Lee and Robert Lee appears in the signing ceremony with the JA Media in Beijing on Monday (20 / 7). Signed concur that 36 years after Bruce Lee died in Hong Kong at the age of 32 because of swelling in the brain.

Lee became a source of pride for the Chinese characters that defend the profile of China and worked in film work such as "Return of the Dragon." However, renacana making of this film series is not yet clear who will portray Lee.

Producer Manfred Wong said the company plans will describe life in three phases, the first time Lee through adolescence, who added that he wanted to focus more personality actors.

"There will be a kung fu ... But more importantly, we want to photograph nyta Bruce Lee. What's the real Bruce Lee? He is very humorous. He is very obedient to their parents. He was very kind to his family," said Wong, in Chinese news site

Robert Lee says he would like to give value kewibawaa the dimilki relatives. "We have read many books and seen many movies about Bruce Lee, but there are many inaccuracies in their movie," he said, without referring to a specific case or factual error.

"Age more than 70 years. I am old. I wanted to do something for my brother - to promote the story of the life of Bruce Lee," said Phoebe Lee.

Recently, China's state CCTV station broadcast 50 hours of running with the main film on Lee.

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