Sunday, July 26, 2009

Loeb Want to F1, Toro Rosso Martial


Sébastien Loeb is very interested in the event car racing Formula 1 (F1). The top five world champion titles reli it, said he was interested in strengthening the Scuderia Toro Rosso, Sebastien Bourdais replaces position.

However, Loeb did not want the expense of reli. He asserted, during the F1 schedule reli does not collide and then ready to defend him Toro Rosso.

"Who knows, during the F1 calendar and reli not crash, all things may happen," said Loeb to the French newspaper L'Equipe. "If there is one place in the Toro Rosso, I can join.

"However, I must say that a grand prix is not the same as reli. F1 must complete the 70 lap and I was not physically ready. At reli, you do not have the same condition as a race F1."

According to L'Equipe, Loeb recently have spent time on the simulator Red Bull Racing, which is a 'brother' Toro Rosso. In fact, results of tests during the winter it makes pereli French origin is impressed.

However, Loeb is currently mengincar world champion title at the world's reli (WRC) may not immediately hengkang to F1. Section, he was committed to continue to defend the Citroen.

Head of Citroen Sport, Olivier Quesnel, said that may not necessarily replace Loeb akan position Bourdais.

"Let me explain, Sébastien Loeb will not replace Sebastien Bourdais in the Toro Rosso, if he transferred," he said. "Sebastien has expressed desires to appear in F1, and it does not surprise me because it is a dream come true for him. However, we can not dream."

Indeed, Toro Rosso Bourdais seems akan freeze, let alone the performance is very bad pebalap the German GP this weekend because he is in the position of the back of 20 aliases. Therefore, it appears that the speculation was young pebalap Jaime Alguersuari will get the chance to appear in F1, replace Bourdais.

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